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Stephane Bardin has a deep understanding of consumers, combining go-to-market strategy and successful execution to drive sales growth. He is a strong marketing executive with strategic consumer and analytical talents in growing brands in the US and internationally. He is a consumer catalyst, producing results for: - Budweiser Beer - McDonald's - Hasbro - Pfizer - Kraft - Starbucks - Bumble Bee - Designer Whey - Aquafina - Tropicana - BRISK - Pepsi and more • Drove Budweiser Beer achievement of #1 foreign beer brand recognition in China. • Developed strategies to re-launch McDonald’s chicken sandwiches. • Developed top-line revenue stream for Bumble Bee in two new markets • Created the best-ever consumer promotion for Unilever brands. Stephane has a reputation for conceptualizing and executing integrated consumer marketing programs that positively impact P&L results. Stephane Bardin is an expert in using new technologies and media to connect consumers with brands and drive bottom-line results. He is a collaborative contributor who is an expert at building brand equity, loyalty, and ROI for highly recognized consumer products and brands. He has demonstrated performance using key levers of marketing to drive strategy and sales growth: advertising vehicles, consumer promotions, consumer/market research/syndicated data, new product development/innovation, multicultural marketing, interactive/digital/mobile/social media, SEO, public relations, shopper marketing, and partnership/alliance marketing. • Positive P&L Impact and Growth • Branding / Equity Building • Strategic Alliances / Partnerships • New Product Development / Innovation • Social Media/Online/Ecommerce Marketing • Cross-functional / Cultural Team Leadership • Strategic Planning /Tactical Execution • Syndicated Data Analysis and BASES • Advertising and Sales Promotion • Shopper Marketing • Trademark Management • Global Marketing Strategy

Coffee’s Once Unshakable Advantage No More – High-Caffeine Teas Are Breaking Into The Morning Jolt!

Coffee has had it easy.  For most of us, it is a routine drink to get us up and running in the morning.  Some of us have come to enjoy a cup in the afternoon to power through the rest … Continue reading

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Holistic Innovation

When it comes to innovation, usually our first thought is on the product or service, ideally highly differentiated from other products or services already on the market.  All too often, though, what eventually comes out is a product that is … Continue reading

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Oreo Innovation – Go Far and Wide but Have They Stretched Too Far?

It’s hard not to love Oreos.  I mean, what’s not to love about chocolate wafer cookie and sweet cream filling?  Add a little milk, and it truly is a child’s dream snack. Born in 1912, Oreo cookies are far and … Continue reading

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The SONY Light Bulb Speaker

Yes, you read that correctly.  SONY has launched a light bulb that contains a Bluetooth speaker.  You can control the volume via an app on your smartphone, along with the brightness of the bulb.  According to SONY, the goal for … Continue reading

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Boar’s Head Hummus – adjacent innovation without a purpose

So you have not heard?  Yes, Boar’s Head, the deli meat brand that makes lunchmeat is in the hummus business.  In fact, it launched 10oz hummus tubs of regular hummus and roasted red pepper hummus in 2014 with tepid results.  … Continue reading

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Thinking outside the field – new business model innovation for agriculture?

Agriculture is a tough business.  Just like any business, it too seeks predictability in producing its products to allow it to maximize profit.  Unlike many consumer goods that are produced uniformly in a factory where every ingredient, every step, every … Continue reading

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Brilliant move on the part of a brand that is making a serious comeback

For a product born of necessity in the years of the war, Spam has had a lot of ups and downs.  One would have thought it would perish in our zeal for “real food” and thirst for clean ingredients.  But … Continue reading

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