Holistic Innovation

header_innovation_01When it comes to innovation, usually our first thought is on the product or service, ideally highly differentiated from other products or services already on the market.  All too often, though, what eventually comes out is a product that is mired in the past, fairly close to the rest of the line of products that a company makes.  It’s all very functional and efficient.

Think of your last meal at a restaurant (one where you actually sit down and take time to enjoy your food).  While the food may be excellent, the rest of the experience is fairly tamed.  The plates are all the same.  The table setting is the same on every table.  The waiters are basically dressed casually in inconspicuous clothing that bring no attention to them.  The script they go through is the same (drinks, entrees, dessert/coffee, good bye).  At best, the restaurant has some level of ambience that has been built in to give a feel of whatever positioning they have.  So if the food isn’t great, there isn’t that much there to differentiate this restaurant from another one down the street.

Disney got it right.  It’s all about the experience.  Maybe even more so than the food (it’s not like the food at Disneyland is top notch).  But if you have great food (the product) and a great experience, you get holistic innovation.

Why is it that all pasta containers are all the same?  It’s easy and efficient.

Why are all cereals in rectangular boxes?  It’s easy and efficient.

All yogurt were in cups not that long ago.  Then came Faye and Chiobani with the flip yogurt trays.  You get to see the fruit.  You get to mix the fruit in just the way you want.  You get to enjoy a great product and have a great experience with it.  That is what consumers are looking for these days.  They want to experience the products, not just get a functional product.

Steve Jobs got it right.  It’s not about making a call on a phone.  It’s about the design, the user-friendly interface, etc.  It’s an experience.

Let’s look at product development a bit more holistically…and we will see better results!


About Stephane

Stephane Bardin has a deep understanding of consumers, combining go-to-market strategy and successful execution to drive sales growth. He is a strong marketing executive with strategic consumer and analytical talents in growing brands in the US and internationally. He is a consumer catalyst, producing results for: - Budweiser Beer - McDonald's - Hasbro - Pfizer - Kraft - Starbucks - Bumble Bee - Designer Whey - Aquafina - Tropicana - BRISK - Pepsi and more • Drove Budweiser Beer achievement of #1 foreign beer brand recognition in China. • Developed strategies to re-launch McDonald’s chicken sandwiches. • Developed top-line revenue stream for Bumble Bee in two new markets • Created the best-ever consumer promotion for Unilever brands. Stephane has a reputation for conceptualizing and executing integrated consumer marketing programs that positively impact P&L results. Stephane Bardin is an expert in using new technologies and media to connect consumers with brands and drive bottom-line results. He is a collaborative contributor who is an expert at building brand equity, loyalty, and ROI for highly recognized consumer products and brands. He has demonstrated performance using key levers of marketing to drive strategy and sales growth: advertising vehicles, consumer promotions, consumer/market research/syndicated data, new product development/innovation, multicultural marketing, interactive/digital/mobile/social media, SEO, public relations, shopper marketing, and partnership/alliance marketing. • Positive P&L Impact and Growth • Branding / Equity Building • Strategic Alliances / Partnerships • New Product Development / Innovation • Social Media/Online/Ecommerce Marketing • Cross-functional / Cultural Team Leadership • Strategic Planning /Tactical Execution • Syndicated Data Analysis and BASES • Advertising and Sales Promotion • Shopper Marketing • Trademark Management • Global Marketing Strategy
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